Ritual, Ceremony & Sacred Space

I have been crafting, participating in & creating rituals/ceremonies for over twenty-five years.

Rituals can be be public, personal, theatrical or simplistic. They can be as basic as sitting down with a cup of tea and bringing awareness to the moment. What appears to be simple becomes significant.

Ritual shifts our consciousness. It validates, blesses, affirms and announces life events.

Ceremonies and rituals can be created for a wedding, wedding shower, birth, baby shower, motherhood, house blessing, house cleansing, menopause, first blood, croning, empty-nest or other significant transitional times such as birthdays, retirement, divorce, career changes, grief, miscarriage, healing, the ending or start of a new book or art project. Seasonal rituals are a powerful way to embrace the internal and external shifts that take place as we move from one season to the next.

Ceremony/Ritual can also be used for problem solving, removing blocks and for working with areas where a person might be stuck. These sorts of ritual are transitional because they require reflection–going within and connecting to our Spirit in order to bring about wanted changes. Ceremony/Ritual requires that we bring our authentic self to whatever it is we want to honor, experience or create.

I am available to dialogue about ideas for personal and community rituals. I can assist with writing, planning and/or performing. I enjoy all elements of the process. I can offer suggestions on how to preform ritual if this is needed. I can also help with creating an altar for private and public events.

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