My Journey/About Me

I am a writer, author, editor and a devotee of outsider art and poetry.

I am an adopted woman. I am also an adopter. Standing on both sides of the fence has  provided an interesting perspective. My family is multicultural. Our spiritual practices and world views are diverse. I am a woman that walks in-between cultures, spiritual practices and in-between biological and adoptive families.

I have been seeking the roots to my family tree ever since I can remember. Figuring out where I belong has been a large part of my journey and a large part of what comes up when I write.

I have been on an Earth Based Path/Goddess/Divine Feminine path for  almost thirty years.

I first encountered Kripalu Yoga in the 70s. I was visiting my grandparents in Lenox Massachusetts. The brick building used to be an expansive Jesuit seminary that was situated on several acres of land that overlooked the Berkshire Mountains. I remember being in the car with my grandfather and feeling a pull to leap out of the vehicle and run to the building for sanctuary. I remember my grandfather’s response, “That place is not for you.”

I wondered why it wasn’t for me. I sensed that there was something going on behind the towering brick walls and I wanted whatever it was they were offering. I felt a strong unexplainable pull coupled with an internal understanding that I belonged inside that building with the people that lived there. I didn’t have the words to express this desire to my grandfather and he quickly changed the subject.

I wouldn’t encounter the Kripalu Center again until 1999 when my husband and I moved to Lenox, Massachusetts with our two daughters. I returned to this area to do some research for a book. It was during this time that I began going to Kripalu’s community classes. I attended evening chanting and morning circles.

Deborah, a woman from my  writing group, was also a yoga instructor at Kripalu. She invited me to a weekend retreat. After this amazing experience I immediately immersed myself in Yoga philosophy. I launched my own self-induced boot camp for Yoga. I read everything I could get my hands on and I began spending more and more time at Kripalu. I couldn’t name what I was after. I experienced it as an inner drive, the same one I felt when I was riding past the center with my grandfather. That fire still burns inside me. It doesn’t matter where I travel, what I study or write–there is always a call to return to my practice and to myself. Yoga is home.

Some of my Life Experiences:

Graduated Goddard College with an MFA in Creative Writing, Feb 2011

BA in Creative Writing 2005 completed at Evergreen State College, with a minor in comparative religion/psychology

Professional Intuitive/Tarot Reader, 1992-2018

Yogic Studies 2000-2018

Cross Cultural Shamanism 3 year study, 1992-1995

Received my 3rd Degree From Chalice Well Coven in 2001. I am listed as Lotus Well.

BA In Biblical Studies, 1979

Goddess and Pagan Studies, 1992-Current

Year Long study in several branches of Buddhism at Evergreen State College, 2004

Sharanya 2011 -2017