My Journey/About Me

I am both an adoptee and an adopter. My family is multi-cultural. We embrace and practice a wide range of spiritual beliefs. I am a woman that walks in-between cultures, spiritual practices and in-between biological and adoptive families.

I honor The Divine Feminine in all Her forms. I have been on an Earth Based Path/Goddess/Divine Feminine path for thirty years. My walk with the Goddess has had many faces. It is constantly evolving.

While I was preparing for my 3rd degree with The Chalice Well Coven in Lee, Massachusetts I was feeling pulled to study Yoga at the Kripalu Yoga Center. These two practices are the core of my spirituality. They do not always dovetail but after living with one foot in each world I have come to understand that sitting with the inconsistencies brings transformation and the ability to contain more than one truth.

Being comfortable with contradictions has been a life long journey in all areas of my life but especially in my spiritual life. I like things neat and tidy but life is not that way. It’s messy and filled with situations and people that do not fit into easily labeled boxes. I am grateful for this understanding.

Some of my Life Experiences:

Graduated Goddard College with an MFA in Creative Writing, Feb 2011

BA in Creative Writing 2005 completed at Evergreen State College, with a minor in comparative religion/psychology

Professional Intuitive/Tarot Reader, 1992-current

Yogic Studies 1999-current

Cross Cultural Shamanism 3 year study, 1992-1995

Received my 3rd Degree From Chalice Well Coven in 2001. I am listed as Lotus Well.

BA In Biblical Studies, 1979

Goddess and Pagan Studies, 1992-Current

Year Long study in several branches of Buddhism at Evergreen State College, 2004

Sharanya 2011 -2017