Intuitive Readings

 I am a Professional Intuitive & Tarot Consultant. I have been reading and interpreting the cards for twenty-five years. I was listed by the Travel Channel as the Intuitive to see.

I received my first reading when I was thirteen. The images fascinated me. They still do.

The work I do is not fortune-telling. I work with the client and together we explore patterns and imagery. This is a reflective and contemplative process, a collaboration that we embark on together to gain insight and clarity. Each reading is as unique as the client.

The Tarot is a powerful ally for writers and artists.

Six years ago I attended a workshop, Tarot for Writers. The wonderful teacher and writer, Rachel Pollack, taught the class. I learned how to work with the images for creating scenes, point of view, back-story, and character development. I also worked with the Tarot for memory recall. This helped with the sorting process and deciding what memories and stories I wanted to include in my memoir. I continue to rely on the imagery for inspiration with all my writing projects and creative endeavors. I love sharing this process with other writers and artists. If I had to name a niche, I would say that assisting with creativity is what I am most drawn to. This class assisted me with marrying two of my two loves, Tarot & Writing. 

I work with imagery, intuition, storytelling, symbolism and myth to explore possibilities and potential. I believe that interpreting the Tarot is a form of sacred storytelling, a re-thinking/re-imagining and a re-telling of life stories from an expanded perspective. Healing occurs when people reconnect to their sacred stories. I believe it is important to look at the root of a situation in order to discern how it came into being so that deep healing/transformation is possible.

A reading empowers the client to make informed choices and decisions about how they would like to move forward. If the client is open to it, I often offer advice as to how to continue to work with the reading after they return home. This might involve ritual, mantras, meditation, journaling, visualization, creating an altar, or candle work. This is deep personal work that is tailored to the needs of the client.

The Tarot is multifaceted. It can be utilized for accessing creativity, introspection, reflection, clarification, ritual, meditation, visualization, journey, path working, and healing practices. I believe that the Tarot plays a role, much like our dreams. The images are able to express our inner state. I view them as a mirror— the reflections are not of the physical body but of the heart.

Tarot Assists With:

Discerning the shaping influence of life stories.

Recognizing how crises of faith, courage, and identity can be calls for renewal.

Understanding how reflecting on personal story lines can aid in the integration of competing goals.

If you would like more information or a reading please contact me. I check my Email daily and will reply within 24 hrs.

I am available for gatherings, fundraisers and seasonal events.

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READINGS ARE:  $60.00 for 1/2 an hr. & $120 for an hr. 

Readings are done by phone, in person or thru email.