Leaving The Dust Bowl

Ever since Trump took office my creativity has had as much moisture as the dust bowl. My writing has been reduced to endless tweets that get angrier every time I post. Finally, spring has arrived and along with it some moisture. Things feel less restricted and my creativity has started to flow. I feel a strong pull to explore internal and external landscapes that are richer–greener. Less scorched.

I am working on a new book. It’s memoirish and experimental. It’s about Mothers, The Divine Mother and some of my experiences on a Shakti Path. I will post updates as it unfolds.

Over the years I’ve started and ended several blogs. Some fared better than others. Since a new book is taking shape, I thought it would be a good idea to create and keep a blog. In hopes of longevity, I am not going to hold myself to a certain schedule or number of posts in a week. I am going to free myself and focus on falling in love again with words and how they look on the page and feel on my tongue. I am enjoying the newness of spring, the feeling of rebirth and renewal as everything wakes up. I want to bring this newness to how I engage with blogging, writing, crafting stories and communicating.

8 thoughts on “Leaving The Dust Bowl

  1. Looking forward to your spirit and soul renewing and what delights that will bring through thought and word. I’m so glad you’re writing another book!

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  2. Patricia*** SO grateful to have found where you are sharing your Story and your Words once again. So many reasons why. Thank you for sending these words and resources and wishing you much Inspiration and Moisture as Spring unfolds***

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