A Fresh Start

I have spent a lot of time thinking about blogging–should I bother? Most of my blogs struggled to last a season. Some only made it a few days before their life force dissipated. I wonder how many ghost blogs I have dangling in the ethers. I am hopeful this blog will have a detectable pulse well into next year.

I am changing how I approach blogging. I’m not going to try to please anyone–write a certain way or have a certain voice. I’m going to write what is on my heart and see where it takes me.

This blog is my attempt at making sense out of my world. I am interested in exploring my inner and outer landscapes thru the practices of yoga & writing. I want to understand how my internal and external worlds are connected and how I can work with these practices so that they sustain me.

I am thinking about embodiment and what that means. I want to learn how to walk in this world without adverting my eyes or turning a way from what is challenging to look at. I get burned out from the news–from all the horror happening in the world. How do I move beyond wanting to transcend it all to engagement? How do I remain an activist with out drowning in sorrow? I believe it to be  a constant dance–not a one time realization or event. Just when I think I have the rhythm it changes and I have to learn the dance all over again.

I am committed to exploring my questions, my practices and to blogging.